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Convention Scavenger Hunt
You will be placed into the following, extremely random, groups and each group will need to complete the scavenger hunt during the week of convention, starting Wednesday morning.   Pictures must be turned in daily to _________, all pictures will be posted on Belton FFA social media! Each picture must be labeled to indicate the number on the scavenger hunt. Remember cell phones should not be in use during a session and they are not allowed at all during meals. 

Group one.       Group two.        Group three.      Group four.       Group five.         Group six

These may be done in any order. 
1. Your group must take a picture with a current state officer. 
2. Two members of your group must take a picture with a past state officer. 
3. One member in your group must take a picture with an Ag teacher from Area VIII, that is not from Belton. 
4. You must take a picture with two group members playing in the sand. 
5. Pool picture. 
6.  Your group must find our Seitz salesman and take a group picture with him. 
7. Two members of your group must take a picture either in a photo booth or with photo props provided by a vendor. 
8. Two group members must take a picture with the stage as a background. 
9. One group member must take a picture with a Belton FFA HONORARY member that walked across the stage. 
10. You must take a picture of Talent Team with your same group number singing on stage. 
11. Take a picture of your group in official dress with a water back ground. 
12. Collect 5 lanyards from 5 different vendors and have one member wear them in a picture 
13.  Find Jeff McNight, Superior Trophies and take a picture with him, must have at least two group members in picture. 
14. EACH group member take a school appropriate roomie picture. Put in a collage and turn one in from each group.  
15. Take a group picture with an FFA member from a different area, must be able to see name of chapter on their jacket. 
16.  Take a picture of your group cleaning the bus. 
17. Take a picture with a graduated Belton FFA member receiving a Lonestar this week.
18. Find someone who is associated with one of the corporate sponsors of Texas FFA. Tell them thank you for their sponsorship of the FFA and ask to take a picture with them. Three group members must be in the pictures. 
19. Take a bus selfie with at least 5 chapter members in the picture. 
20. Find a display in the AgriScience Fair that you like, there must be three group members in the picture. 
21. Each group member take a picture of the coolest thing at convention turn it into one collage per group. 
22.  Take a picture of your group at the state's largest dance! 
23. Take picture with your group on the last day of convention make sure we can tell how much you loved convention!

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